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Get High-performance Specialty Doors in Atlantic Canada

Are you looking for a high-performance door for your commercial facility? You can contact us at Iller Door Systems Ltd to choose from a variety of specialty doors, including high-speed rubber doors, rolling steel doors, dock equipment, fire doors and coiling fire shutters. 

We can order any Rytec Spiral® (with top-to-bottom, full-width window slats) and Fast-Seal® (commercial roll-up) doors. Shatter-proof and scratch-resistant, they are made to withstand pressure and winds and provide you with unmatched safety. Advanced in design, they are constructed from top-grade materials and have a sleek modern look with assured protection.

Our Products

Two of our star products are:

Spiral® FV® High-Performance Door

This one is fast and extremely quiet. It also reduces electrical connections by over 90%. It is equal to rigid doors in providing security, and is made of shatter-proof and scratch-resistant LEXAN™ slats that offer excellent visibility and natural light. It also has an advanced Light Curtain Safety System, which continuously monitors door opening. Learn more .

Spiral® FV® High-Performance Door
Fast-Seal® High-Performance Door

Fast-Seal® High-Performance Door

This door can be used for a variety of applications. It can be built up to 35' wide and 24' high, up to a maximum door size of 600 square feet. It is backed by a warranty on the motor and 3-ply Rylon™ panel material and one on mechanical/electrical components. Built using the System II independent counterbalance and tensioning system to withstand pressure and winds, its patented Break-Away bottom bar can be reset in just seconds without tools. Learn more

Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

We offer you comprehensive solutions for all your overhead door needs.

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